Frequently Asked Questions

Is it truly wireless?

Yes. Every Lodge Solar Speaker has 180 square inches of solar panels covering four sides, ensuring consistent sun exposure throughout the day to keep its 15 hour battery charged. To play music from Lodge, just sync your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device and start streaming wirelessly.

How close to the speaker(s) do I need to be for Lodge to work? 

Lodge speakers come with the latest Bluetooth chipset that maintains a connection between your phone or other bluetooth device from up to 150 away.

When will Lodge be available?  

Lodge Solar Speakers will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter in October 2021. We expect to start shipping Lodge in summer 2022.

What is the reservation for? 

Reserving now for just $5 ensures you are first in line to pre-order your Lodge Solar Speaker set when we launch on Kickstarter in October 2021. You’ll also save 35% on the retail price.

How much will a speaker set cost? 

When we launch on Kickstarter, Lodge Solar Speaker sets will be available for pre-order for as little as 35% off the retail price. At retail, a set of 2x speakers will cost $600.